Cold Hard Cash


Latest release! My third book in the Bridgette Cash mystery thriller

is now available!


The bodies are just the beginning...

The gruesome discovery of a skeleton and a body in an underwater cave become Detective Bridgette Cash's greatest mystery when forensics reveal they have more in common than just fatal gunshot wounds to the head. As Bridgette seeks answers, she is drawn deep into an underworld from which she has little hope of escape. Alone and exposed, can she survive long enough to expose the truth and bring justice to the victims? 


5 stars - Wonderful! Suspenseful! Did not disappoint!

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5 stars - An excellent read, with a strongly conceived plot. Lots of suspense on every page and strong characters connected to one another. Trevor Douglas has done an excellent job—keep up the good writing.

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5 stars - This was an awesome book! It held my attention from the first ....

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