The Cold Light of Day


Latest release! My fourth book in the Bridgette Cash mystery thriller

is now available!


How many times can one man die?

The body of an unidentified man is discovered floating in a lake. The coroner's report concludes the man has been dead for no more than a week, but police records confirm the man was murdered ten years earlier. As Bridgette seeks answers and the release of a man wrongly imprisoned for murder, she uncovers secrets old and new. Will she survive as the murderer shakes her resolve and make her question everything she stands for?


5 stars - Wonderful! Suspenseful! Did not disappoint!

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5 stars - An excellent read, with a very strongly conceived plot. Lots of suspense on every page and strong characters connected to one another. Trevor Douglas has done an excellent job—keep up the good writing.

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5 stars - This was an awesome book! It held my attention from the first ....

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