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The Catalin Connection… Out now!


My new book in the Catalin thriller series is now available...


Where do you run when there’s no place to hide? 


In a dark criminal underworld, Petru Janco is alone and desperate. With no job, no money and nowhere to hide, he holds a secret that could get him killed. With no choice but to fight, Petru must use all his wits to stay alive while he is hunted down by a ruthless crime boss. Can he survive long enough to bring down an unbeatable enemy?



5 stars - I want more! I read five books in two and a half days! Come on Trevor Douglas don't stop now!

Amazon Reviews - Out In The Cold 

5 stars - Wonderful! Suspenseful! Did not disappoint!

Amazon Reviews - Cold Trail


5 stars - An excellent read, with a very strongly conceived plot. Lots of suspense on every page and strong characters connected to one another. Trevor Douglas has done an excellent job.

Amazon Review - Cold Comfort


5 stars - This was an awesome book! It held my attention from the first ....

Amazon Review - The Final Proposition


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