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Trevor Douglas lives in Brisbane, Australia. After a long and successful career as an IT Consultant, Trevor published his debut novel, The Catalin Code, in early 2014. Trevor is married with two adult sons and when he is not writing, enjoys bushwalking, watching AFL and discovering the best coffee shops in Brisbane with his wife. He is currently writing his eighth novel, The Catalin Connection, the second book in the Catalin Mystery Thriller series, which is due for release in late 2022. 


Q. How long have you been writing novels for?

A. This is my tenth year. I have written and self-published seven novels and one novella. I'm currently working on my eighth.


Q. Who is your favorite author?

A. I don't actually have a favorite, but I am a big fan of Dean Koontz (great stories), John Grisham (great thrillers) and Stephen King (original on so many levels).


Q. What is your favorite book?

A. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett without a doubt. I have listed my ten favorites on the website.


Q. How did you get into writing?

A. I have wondered for most of my adult life if I was capable of writing a novel. I kept tossing plot ideas around in my head until two years ago. At that point, I had four book ideas fully developed and decided it was time to try my hand at writing. I have really enjoyed the creative process, and it's now a big part of my life.


Q. What are your current writing projects?

A. I am currently writing The Catalin Connection. It's the second book in a series of 4 books in the Catalin Myster Thriller series.


Q. Do you struggle to come up with good story ideas?

A. The challenge for me is getting time to write. Currently, I have about eleven story ideas for novels.


Q. Where can I buy your books from?

A. With the exception of Cold Comfort (which can be downloaded for free from all good eBook retailers), all my other books are currently exclusive to Amazon.


Q. What books do you like to read when you are not writing?

A. I love the crime fiction genre and try to read at least one or two new titles a month.

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