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My books are available from leading retailers in digital format and now also available in paperback formats. Please sign up to my newsletter if you want updates on when new books will be available.

OUT IN THE COLD ebook.jpg
Out In The Cold (New Release!)

A cop desperate for a vacation. A killer desperate for revenge... (Bridgette Cash Series - Book 5)

A remote cabin in the picturesque Cascade Mountains is the perfect spot for a vacation. Or is it? Cutoff from the rest of the world, Detective Bridgette Cash is unaware that psychopath, Alex Hellyer, has escaped from a prison hospital.


Hellyer has unfinished business on his mind and Bridgette is at the top of his list.


The Cold Light of Day

How many times can one man die? (Bridgette Cash Series - Book 4)

The body of an unidentified man is discovered floating in a lake. The coroner's report concludes the man has been dead for no more than a week, but police records confirm the man was murdered ten years earlier. As Bridgette seeks answers and the release of a man wrongly imprisoned for murder, she uncovers secrets old and new. Will she survive as the murderer shakes her resolve and make her question everything she stands for?

COLD HARD CASH ebook.jpg
Cold Hard Cash

The bodies are just the beginning... (Bridgette Cash Series - Book 3)

The gruesome discovery of a skeleton and a body in an underwater cave become Detective Bridgette Cash's greatest mystery when forensics reveal they have more in common than just fatal gunshot wounds to the head. As Bridgette seeks answers, she is drawn deep into an underworld from which she has little hope of escape. Alone and exposed, can she survive long enough to expose the truth and bring justice to the victims? 

COLD TRAIL ebook.jpg
Cold Trail

Murder, meltdown or misadventure? (Bridgette Cash Series - Book 2)


Police officer, John Tyson, has disappeared on a remote mountain range and Detective Bridgette Cash has been sent to investigate. Hampered by local police as she tries to discover the truth, Bridgette becomes the target of a syndicate as she uncovers secrets about the nearby town of Sanbury.  Racing against the clock, a town that refuses to help, and a huge snowstorm, can Bridgette find the answers before it's too late?

COLD COMFORT ebook.jpg
Cold Comfort

How do you catch a killer who never leaves a clue? (Bridgette Cash Series - Book 1)


Bridgette Cash is a rookie detective working her first murder case.  The circumstances surrounding the murder of a young woman lead her to believe it’s the work of a serial killer, but nobody is listening. Convinced the killer will strike again shortly, can Bridgette find enough evidence to catch the killer before another young woman is murdered? ​

The Final Proposition

​Three million dollars or someone's life... Which would you choose?


After being exonerated for a crime he did not commit, Adam Wells leaves prison as the only living person who knows the location of a hidden cash fortune. Desperate to help a young friend who will soon die without an expensive and risky operation, Adam must weigh up the risk as he learns the money belongs to a drug syndicate who will stop at nothing to get their money back.

The Catalin Code

What would you be prepared to risk for a friend?


Robbie Mayne returns from a business trip to Europe to find his best friend has been killed in a hit and run accident. Not convinced it was an accident, Robbie searches for the truth, triggering a deadly sequence of events that force him into hiding and a fight for his life as he pitted against a notorious organized crime figure. No longer sure who his friends are, Robbie races against the clock to find the truth before he becomes the next victim.

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